Carbon Taxes – the answer to averting the climate crisis? Wednesday September 11th 7.30pm.


We’re back, after our usual August break, with our monthly talks/films on environmental themes. THIS WEDNESDAY, September 11th,  with short films and a presentation/discussion explaining carbon taxes and dividends and how they could be the answer to the radical cuts in carbon emissions that we need globally to keep below the crucial average temperature rise of 1.5 degree C. As James Hansen, renowned former Nasa scientist said, ‘“Emissions aren’t going to go down if the cost of fossil fuels isn’t honest”.

As usual, find us in room G011 (ground floor) of the Gateway Building on the university campus on Polhill Avenue. We start promptly at 7.30.
Parking is free but we encourage greener forms of transport if possible, or car sharing at least 🙂
Disabled access, open to all. And all our events are free but donations much appreciated as they allow us to cover our costs & continue out regular events. Hope to see you there!

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