Permaculture & Carbon, Wednesday 12th February, 7.30pm

84339739_2592715674306038_2205127430576799744_o.jpgWelcome to our next Climate Change Forum evening on February 12th. Hear from Ben Yeomans on permaculture. What is permaculture and how can it help empower people in mitigating the climate crisis? How can we work with nature in order to better meet human needs? What’s the least harm we can cause in the process of meeting those needs without volunteering ourselves back in to the Stone Age? How do we surpass mere survival in trying times and move forward into not just sustainability, but resilience? Ben accidentally discovered permaculture at a roof garden in North London in 2012. Now eight years, plus qualifications in horticulture, forest gardening, and the Permaculture Design Course later, he’s keen to try to answer those questions and more. Just remember: you don’t have a slug problem, you’ve got a duck deficiency…


Hear from Andrew Emmott and Will Rawes from the excellent Neno Macadamia Trust, building smallholder communities in famine-prone Malawi, which is at the front line of climate change – with macadamia agroforestry for food security and to recover from deforestation. Have a look at this to get a flavour of some of what they do
As usual we’ll have time for questions and sharing of ideas.

Find us in room G011 (ground floor) of the Gateway Building for a 7.30pm sharp start. Everyone welcome, free parking available though greener methods of travel encouraged… including lift share. Our events are free but donations welcome on the evening to help cover costs.



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