Cycling & Climate Change. And Pollution

This 88347073_2618979625012976_8469249219322970112_oWednesday, 11th March, BCCF welcome Peter Blakeman, Chair of Cycling Campaign for North Bedfordshire (CCNB), to talk to us on about ‘Cycling and Climate Change (and Pollution)’. This will include a brief history of CCNB, the current state of emissions and pollution from transport in the borough, the town’s cycle network and what actions residents can take.
Climate change and health concerns due to air pollution’ are two of the world’s crises of our time. In Bedford Borough 41% (2017 figures) of total carbon dioxide emissions come from transport, a figure significantly higher than the national average. At the same time toxic air pollution from transport affecting the health of many residents must also be considered.

The use of a sustainable mode of transport such as cycling will not completely solve the two crises but will go some way to help. It is therefore important that more residents URGENTLY start to consider using a cycle as an alternative to a motor vehicle to travel short distances or in combination with public transport (bus/train) for longer journeys.

Cycling is fun – good for your health – great for your fitness – fastest mode of transport for door to door short journeys – environmentally friendly – saves money on parking and fuel. It offers mobility for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities and creates safer and more pleasant streets.

Bedford together with Kempston has always been a cycling town and today has an extensive cycle network based on a mixture of off-road paths and tracks and quiet residential roads which with the surrounding villages makes up a great cycling experience.

Find us in room G011 (ground floor) of the Gateway Building for a 7.30pm sharp start. Everyone welcome, free parking available though greener methods of travel encouraged… including lift share. Our events are free but donations welcome on the evening to help cover costs.

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