BCCF ‘Summer Film Season’, 28-30th July

UnknownBCCF is doing something different this summer. We’re suggesting three films that you can watch free online in your own time which  can then each be discussed in short zoom meetings on 28th, 29th and 30th July starting at 7.30pm.  The films are:

  1. Al Gore’s TED talk ‘The Case for Optimism on Climate Change’ (25 mins). It sets out clearly and visually the facts, the extreme weather effects and what is increasingly being done to control carbon emissions. You are invited to join the discussion on Tuesday 28th July starting with a brief introduction, one or two questions for breakout groups and then come together to share points of interest. (You may also like to watch the longer post-pandemic TED talk  with Al Gore ‘ The New Urgency of Climate Change’\0.
  2. Film ‘Out of the Smog-Pakistans’s Plea’ (1hr 20 mins). Activists and lawyers explain the problems for air quality and health caused by increasing road traffic in cities such as Lahore. They explain the issue of temperature inversion which traps bad air to be breathed in and cause illness for citizens.   Air pollution monitors are used to keep track of the problem and hold the government to account.  They are campaigning to improve public transport for all and phase out polluting diesel vehicles. To be discussed on Wednesday 29th July with an introduction, opening questions for groups and final sharing.
  3. BBC Click interview with film director Damon Gameau ‘A Vision for the World in 2040’ (28 mins).  This is an interview with film excerpts from the feature film 2040, and raises issues of regenerative agriculture, community energy networks, transport and the power of the big corporations and politics. To be discussed on Thursday 30th July as above with opening questions for groups and a final whole group sharing.

For your interest, the the highly recommended feature film 2040 is also now available to see for rent (£3.49 or £4.49 for high definition) in UK. Use the link https://togetherfilms.org/2040-home

To join the discussions on zoom, please complete the easy google form links below by 25th July, and you will be sent the zoom links by email so that you can join each meeting. You are very welcome to join us for one or all three evenings. Each meeting will be 7.30-8.15pm, or can be extended to later if people wants to continue the discussion.
Tuesday 28 July, Al Gore, sign up:
Wednesday 29 July, Out of the Smog, sign up:
Thursday 30 July,   A Vision for the World in 2040, sign up:

We hope you find the films interesting and engaging, and look forward to seeing you to talk about them together.


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