Growing Green: Animal free agriculture, a future farming system for a planet with compassion. 10th March 2021.

Watch a recording of the event

We’re pleased to have hosted ground-breaking farmer Iain Tolhurst at a virtual talk on Wednesday 10th March. Iain’s thriving south Oxfordshire farm was set up to produce locally available, organically grown food without the use of slaughterhouse by-products or animal manures. The farm is Soil Association certified and was the first farm in the world to meet the standards required to register with the Vegan Organic Network. He is an engaging speaker and passionate advocate for the farm’s methods, and sharing lessons learned and the wide benefits in terms of sustainability, carbon footprint and health. We had a great audience for our winter screening of ‘Kiss the Ground’ about regenerative agriculture and decided this would be a suitable follow up to show a real-life UK example of how organic food production can work without farmed animal inputs. As usual, there’ll be time for questions.

Whether you’re a gardener, allotment holder, farmer or simply a nature lover who is excited to learn about what a future of growing sustainable plant foods could look like, we’re sure everyone will find something new to learn from Iain

Find out more about the farm here:

Please spread the word and we look forward to seeing you.

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