Green Business Transformation, Wednesday 14th April, 7.30-9pm

On Wednesday 14th April when we heard from Alan Rance of award-winning carbon net zero and zero waste Bedford business Midas. Watch a video of the meeting.

Midas and #MidasGreenInitiative caught our eye last year after it won the prestigious Energy Institute Energy Management Award. Alan explained how he transformed his well-established global pattern company into a genuinely sustainable business in a remarkably short time. 

Watch a video of the event here.

Alan’s story is an interesting and perhaps unusual one; after an epiphany in 2019, which he’ll talk about, he became an environmental activist and transformed the way he lived as well as the way he ran his business in less than 2 years. He’ll explain his mission, mindset and give a useful overview of how he’s achieved the environmental transformation as well as the wider benefits this has had for the business. At BCCF we’re always conscious of ‘greenwashing’ but we’re pleased that that’s not part of the picture here, and so we hope Alan’s presentation will provide practical inspiration for other local businesses, large and small.

In addition, we’re pleased to again welcome Jane Varley of the Green Business Network which is launching some new business support programmes and she’ll be sharing some green business case studies too. There will plenty of time at the end to ask both Alan and Jane questions.

As a local business, a consumer or just an interested resident, we hope you’ll find this interesting and that you’ll want to spread the word. Our virtual events are free and open to all.
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