Follow up to Green Business Transformation event.

Our first speaker was Alan Rance, Managing Director of Midas Pattern Company Ltd, a precision polyurethane moulding company, based in Bedfordshire. Alan’s story is a interesting one, as Midas isn’t a company who manufacture environmental products as their main focus. Instead, they show what companies working in other sectors can do to take action on their environmental impact across the board, from the products themselves to the lighting, heating and waste the company produces.

Alan explained how he was inspired to turn Midas into a carbon net zero company after watching ‘Climate Change: The Facts’ on the BBC. You can watch it online in the UK on the BBC’s website and we think it’s essential viewing for anyone wanting to understand the issue of climate breakdown in more detail:

Alan explained this programme inspired him to take action on his personal carbon footprint – doing what he could at home, cutting out flying and adopting a vegan diet – and wanted to do the same to his business. You can learn more about all the innovative steps Alan took on Midas’ website at This includes committing to fully mitigate the embodied carbon within all of Midas’ products by supporting the nearby Forest of Marston Vale, enabling the planting of 500 trees a year in a five-year partnership. You can learn more about the Forest of Marston Vale here:

But Alan didn’t just offset emissions, and we were inspired to learn about action taken within the company, such as using a green energy supplier and installing solar panels, as well as creative ideas like swapping out plastic bubble wrap for a machine that shredded their waste carboard to create protective wrapping. Midas also takes back products for repair, refurbishment or recycling at the end of their useful life in their current form. Plenty more info is available on the Midas website at the link above.

BCCF were also thrilled to be joined by Jane Varley of the Green Business Network. The GBN helps businesses reduce their impact on the environment. They bring together like‐minded businesses “to help each other reduce energy and water consumption, eliminate waste, design products more sustainably, increase biodiversity on‐site, manage impacts, and put environmental issues at the heart of your company’s decision making.” You can learn more about the GBN at, and find details of their events, available to join online. The website has case studies of businesses the GBN have helped save money while greening their companies as well.

You can view the whole event at BCCF’s YouTube page:

Further reading: Find out about UK-based offsetting schemes at

Simply Business has details of some steps almost any company can consider taking to reduce their environmental impact easily and quickly: Find some more creative ideas at Green Element:

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