“Climate Change and the Struggle for Climate Justice” – Thursday 9th December 7.30pm

Climate Change by Luton-based author Jeremy Williams was published in June.

Author and environmental campaigner Jeremy Williams will be talking about his book “Climate Change….is Racist” by looking at the connection between climate and race as well as what can be done to bring about climate justice. The effect of climate change on the Global South is rarely highlighted and it’s something that will affect us all in the future. Those in the world who have contributed the least to this crisis will undoubtedly suffer the most.

Jeremy grew up in Madagascar and Kenya; he now sees the effect of climate change in a place he calls home. He speaks with great depth and understanding on how history has shaped our response to this issue and how we can respond to become more aware of the world we are all part of. Many people think of racism as the actions and words of racists. Climate change is an example of structural racism – something that will affect people in different ways and can result in divides along racial lines.

Don’t miss this thought-provoking author who speaks with compassion and humility in our changing world.

Once you have registered here, the Zoom meeting link will be sent to you nearer the time of the event. As usual our events are free but donations to BCCF are always welcome to help us to continue to hold a variety of events, many of which incur expenses.

Jeremy’s book Climate Change is Racist is available from your local bookshop, from Earthbound Books or we also recommend Bookshop.org or Hive.co.uk


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