Happy new year…and resolutions

Wishing everyone the best possible start to 2022. Forget diets, gyms, personal trainers. The very best thing you can do this year for your health and for the health of the planet is to become an activist! And we’ve always maintained that although individual action (reducing your personal climate footprint, cutting out waste etc, reducing consumption) genuinely benefits the planet and your own wellbeing, working and campaigning together brings great rewards too.

Keepers: After Dystopia Amanda Caldon Paul Pibworth, Panacea Museum, Bedford

Here’s some excellent advice for ‘resolutions’ from Professor Rupert Read , who came to Bedford a few years ago to talk at a packed marquee at the Panacea Museum’s Anthropocene event.

We don’t have an event planned this month but do save the date – February Wednesday 16th at 7.30pm – with our (virtual) speaker from Cranfield University, Dr Michelle Cain. More info soon with an Eventbrite link as always.


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