Recording of Climate Change & the 6th Mass Extinction, plus upcoming dates for you…

Many thanks to those of you who came to our talk from Professor Jim Harris which was on such an important and engaging subject. Not entirely depressing as Jim always offers solutions and examples of good work being done, despite the overall very grim outlook. 

We promised we’d share the Youtube recording. You can find it, together with all our recent ones here: Please share widely.

We hope to see you again. All being well we have the following coming up soon:

1) Monday 16th May 7.30pmRosalind Redhead, on what living on One Tonne Carbon Per Year looks like. Not just a theoretical exercise for her, we think this promises to inform, inspire and to challenge, not least the policy makers. We’ll confirm details soon.

2) Wednesday 15th June 7.30pm, Everything you need to know about heat pumps from Bean Beanland at the Heat Pump Federation. We met Bean at the recent green fair in Harpur Suite and were impressed by his useful myth busting and willingness to chat at length about all things home energy related! Details and Eventbrite links coming later.

Warm thanks to those who have chipped in to donate to BCCF to help us keep running varied events that are free to all, but help cover our costs too. If you’d like to donate, every pound is appreciated. 


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