‘Heat Pumps – All You Ever Wanted to Know’. Recording and slides now available.

Thanks to those of you who came to our recent heat pumps presentation by Bean Beanland of the Heat Pump Federation. The feed back has been really positive as it was really informative with useful myth busting and a thorough grounding in heat pumps and decarbonising energy. There were too many interesting questions from our audience at the end to cover everything within the time we had, even though we ran over our usual time. Many thanks for Bean for his enthusiasm and expertise! You can listen in and share the Youtube recording .

(Apologies for the very occasional glitchy sound due to bandwith issues at Bean’s end).

We also have the slides which we’re able to share if you contact us direct.

And you may find this useful if you’re a homeowner.

You can also email the HPF on info@hpf.org.uk


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