At our AGM this Wednesday, we’re joined by Neno Madacamia Trust

We warmly invite you to join us for our virtual AGM on Wednesday 19th October at 7pm. We like to get the ‘dry’ but essential business done as swiftly and efficiently as possible but we hope you will want to hear what BCCF have been doing this year. We also encourage you to get involved in whatever way best fits with you, as our committee is reduced this year to the sad death of one stalwart member, lack of time of another able and insightful member and a move out of area by an excellent all rounder. The result is that we cannot currently do as much as we would like to. Feel free to contact us in advance if you can offer help, expertise or committee time.

In any case, you will be welcome, and we are pleased to have the excellent Neno Macadamia Trust present to us too, from around 7.30pm. Will Rawes will present an update of NMT’s carbon work which provides a carbon damage mitigation service producing certificates that register carbon sequestered by macadamia trees planted and maintained by smallholder farmers in Malawi. The trees sequester CO2 but primarily provide food security and local environmental stability. This is not just single purpose tree planting for lower value carbon offsetting…
So our  meeting will extend well beyond the confines of Bedfordshire… to Malawi, whose people are at the frontline of the climate crisis. At BCCF, we think global, act local.

Contact us if you’d like us to send you the Zoom link to join the AGM (Ideally send us an email: and tell us where you’re from). Everyone from Bedfordshire with an interest in climate change and environment is very welcome. We’d love to hear from you too if you’d like to consider 1) joining our committee or 2) would just like to be added to our mailing list to hear about our regular events.

We hope to see you on Wednesday!


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