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Welcome to Bedfordshire Climate Change Forum. The Forum is open to all individuals and organisations who are concerned about climate change and have a vision of a sustainable energy future.

BCCF is a Bedfordshire-based group of people who share a deep concern about the threat of climate change both on us locally and on the peoples and biodiversity of the planet. We feel we have a responsibility to limit and mitigate as far as possible the dangers wrought by climate change. We acknowledge and aim to promote awareness of the pressing need to keep global temperature rises to below 2 degrees centigrade (above pre-industrial levels).

We pursue these broad goals through the following:

  • Helping to promote the building of low-carbon and sustainable communities in Bedfordshire and beyond where life-transforming action is necessary.

  • Addressing the positive actions possible for greater international climate justice, such as tackling fuel poverty, promoting energy democracy (including community or public ownership) and support for ‘climate jobs’.

  • Engaging in campaigns which communicate the seriousness of the risks of climate change, using local media  and networking with other similar groups to further this goal.

  • Lobbying politicians, collaborating with local authorities, and pursuing an active dialogue with businesses, educational organisations, public bodies such as the NHS, community groups and local people to press for binding and ambitious targets for carbon emissions.

  • Sharing clear, concise, up-to-date information on climate change and offering an educational forum for local people to learn more about the personal steps necessary to reduce their carbon emissions, through energy saving/renewable energy projects, for example.

You can read our constitution here: BCCF Constitution

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