What can I do?

One of BCCF’s aims is to try to prevent people from feeling helpless in the face of the considerable challenge of dealing with climate change, and to try to galvanise groups of local individuals and organisations into the action needed. This may include:

  • Attending a public meeting to further inform yourself. We believe that knowledge is powerful.
  • Signing and sharing petitions to demand legislation, for example, that favours renewable energy and phases out the use fossil fuels.
  • Helping with BCCF stalls at local community events.
  • Attending workshops such as Carbon Conversations which help individuals to take the steps to greatly reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Writing to and meeting with local councillors. http://www.councillorsupport.bedford.gov.uk/mgFindMember.aspx?
  • Writing to and meeting with local MPs. (Mohammed Yasin for Bedford & Kempston, mohammed.yasin.mp@parliament.uk ; Alastair Burt for North East Bedfordshire, richard.fuller.mp@parliament.uk; Nadine Dorries for Mid Bedfordshire, nadine.dories.mp@parliament.uk; Sarah Owens for Luton North, Sarah.Owen.mp@Parliament.uk , Rachel Hopkins for Luton South, rachel.hopkins.mp@parliament.uk;
  • Taking part in a march or public demonstration and get involved in COP26 in Glasgow later in 2021
  • Undertaking practical local projects.
  • Showing support for local energy renewable projects.
  • Joining BCCF’s executive committee. We welcome new members, new ideas for events and projects as well as the much needed practical help to make them happen.
  • Making a donation to BCCF to help fund a local event or project. (Contact us!)
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