Apocalypse & Climate Change, Panacea Museum, Bedford, June 2017


Important curated films and talks coming to the Panacea Museum, Bedford at the end of June with the Centre for the Critical Study of Apocalyptic and Millenarian Movements


These deserve to have a good audience, and the Panacea is a fascinating bit of Bedford history.

Tuesday June 27th at 5pm –  An Inconvenient Truth curated film screening.

Wednesday June 28th at 5pm –  After Earth & The Age of Stupid  film screenings.

Thursday 29th – Climate & Apocalypse Day 1 conference. Confirmed Keynote Speakers: David Livingstone, Queens University Belfast
Michael Ruse, Florida State University

Climate change is arguably the most serious threat to humanity that we face—a real phenomenon which could change our planet forever and visit upon us weather changes and events of biblical proportions. So why do we largely ignore it by living in a numbed state of perpetual cognitive dissonance?

As many despair in the absence of any real leadership or political will to instigate required changes what can be done? It is little wonder that psychological effects such as eco anxiety and climate depression are becoming more commonplace.

This symposium seeks to explore how creative and often misunderstood apocalyptic philosophy can make sense of, and is present in, our contemporary reality; and how it can interpret how we got here and what can be done.

Friday 30th June – Climate & Apocalypse Day 2 conference

You can book (for free) at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/centre-for-the-critical-study-of-apocalyptic-and-millenarian-movements-censamm-130


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