Hydrogen – The what, where, when, how? Wednesday 28th July

We’re really pleased to be hosting Cranfield University’s Dr Peter Clough who will talk to us about hydrogen’s place in reaching net zero. See a recording of the talk here https://youtu.be/KB3NSg0C9gY

“Net zero / 1.5 °C / 2 °C / avoiding climate breakdown / lots of other nice ideas. All of these exist as feasible ideas on paper, but the ability to achieve them is nothing short of a radical revolution”, says Peter, Lecturer in Energy Engineering at the Centre for Climate & Environmental Protection and who works on hydrogen and decarbonisation technologies. He will explain why hydrogen has to play a part in our future story to meet these objectives, however that story is not yet written, so there are opportunities for its role to change. Within this talk Peter  will summarise 1) some of the key technologies involved, 2) the key benefits of hydrogen and reasons to be cheerful, 3) the key challenges of hydrogen and reasons to be critical, and 4) how he thinks the story to net zero will be written.

We think this is an important subject and we hope people will have plenty of questions and comments to share afterwards. It should be of interest to everyone concerned about the climate crisis and ambitions for clean energy.

Do join us (by Zoom) on Wednesday 28th July at 7.30pm. Register by Eventbrite for free to get the Zoom link emailed to you prior to the event. As usual, everyone is welcome and our events are free, although you now have the option to donate via our website, helping us to continue to hold more varied and larger events.

We hope to see you there.

Best wishes

BCCF committee

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