We’ve written to all of Bedfordshire’s MPs asking them to press for climate to be higher on the agenda in the run up to COP26

COP26 1-12 November, Glasgow

Please write to, call or even just tweet your own MP telling them how important ambitious action on the climate and ecological crisis is to you. In your own words. However brief. Just make sure they hear from you in the run up to the crucial upcoming UN climate conference in Glasgow. Thank you.

All of Bedfordshire MPs’ details are here

Here’s the letter that BCCF Chair has written today, on behalf of the committee, to each Beds MP:

Dear …………… MP

As the Chair of the committee of Bedfordshire Climate Change Forum, I am writing to you in the run up to COP26 to ask for your unwavering support and action to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises before it is too late. We know we are reaching a point beyond which the United Nations has warned lies “irreversible” damage.

We have two choices ahead of us – a planned, sustainable, just transition to a world where global heating is kept to a minimum, saving many places from sea level rise, loss of agricultural lands, climate refugees and an ever-growing number of natural disasters. Or we wait – saying it is “too expensive” – until the situation becomes so critical that the action we take is reactive, disordered, and exacerbates the divides between rich and poor even further. We don’t have a choice to do nothing – only a choice as to whether it is fair and sustainable or not.

The UK Government has put out a raft of policies and committed to net zero by 2050. However, only this year the Climate Change Committee issued a stark warning that the Government is due to miss the sixth carbon budget by a huge margin, cutting only a fifth of the emissions required. We see the impact of our lives echoed throughout the world, from British plastics being burned in Turkey instead of recycled, to Chinese people being forced to breathe dangerously dirty air to make the technology we consume at pace.

It is clear to see the Government is putting its faith in technology to ‘save’ our way of life – announcements on how we heat our homes, power our cars, and manufacture more cleanly come thick and fast. But we await action strong enough to make them happen. Just as importantly, we await policies that address the need to come together as a society, and ensure the poorest – both nationally and internationally – are lifted away from bearing the brunt of climate change, air pollution and biodiversity loss. We need to inspire people, businesses and governments to all put the future of our planet first.

The UK is where the industrial revolution started – so we know how to innovate and how to lead. Yet because of this, we now find the UK has lost more biodiversity than any G7 country, and is in the worst global 10%. It is time to restore nature here – to address the climate and biodiversity crises, but also so we know we have something to fight for that we can see with our own eyes.

We therefore ask you to commit to pushing the Government to take all actions possible to limit global temperature rise to less than 1.5 degrees celsius, for at least 30% of our country to be protected for nature recovery by 2030, to stop the plastic waste crisis, to create and promote green jobs for a just transition, to support a rapid transition to green energy for all and make our air safe to breathe. We also ask you to call for these policies to be central to your party’s vision for the future.

We all understand the climate crisis is real. Now it is time to act like we truly believe it as well. Please will you join us in calling on your party to do everything in its power to make COP26 a success and keep climate change on the agenda across all Government departments?

Yours sincerely……

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