ANOTE’S ARK film screening Wednesday November 13th 7.30pm


Anote's Ark film imageJoin us on Wednesday November 13th for a screening of Anote’s Ark, a documentary film dealing with the realities of climate justice and forced migration. It focuses on the island nation of Kiribati, which will be one of the first nations on earth to entirely disappear underwater in the event of a sustained sea level rise, and tells the stories of the nation’s former president Anote Tong, who intensely lobbied the international community to take action on the threat, and of Sermary Tiare, an i-Kiribati woman who decides to protect her family by emigrating to New Zealand. Directed by Matthieur Ritz, it premiered at Sundance 2018.
The film is 1 hour 17 minutes and there’s time to share views afterwards.
Here’s a trailer:

As usual, find us in room G011 (ground floor) of the Gateway Building on the university campus on Polhill Avenue. We start promptly at 7.30. Everyone’s welcome. Our events are free but donations allow us to continue our events & cover costs such as film screening fees.
Parking is free but we encourage greener forms of transport if possible, or car sharing at least 🙂

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